Wpf binding not updating source

(We will later update it with another piece of data using a different data type.) Class Info.cs: The next class definition we need to see is the controller.As mentioned earlier, it is assumed that the controller has already received the array of Class Info objects it needs to display.The next class needed is a “Model” (in this case “Class Model”) that will be what the viewer binds to and what the controller updates with data. Class Model.cs: Okay, this makes up the initial architecture of this small example.However, no linkage has been done between the objects/classes so nothing interesting is happening yet.The controller class will begin small and only contain the array of Class Info objects. Class Controller.cs: Thinking about this for a moment, it seems we are going to want to display this data somehow. (in this case “Class View.”) See below for the XAML, the code behind is simply default for now.Class View.xaml: Class View is the “View”, and Class Controller is the “Controller” in the MVC architecture.

However, if the object has changed such that representing it by a simple string is not descriptive enough, then there is a big problem.Let’s contrive a gnarly little sample class to serve as our data source that just holds a single property: property changes! Because it has no way of knowing; it fetches the property value just once as it initializes itself and renders itself on-screen. We can use Dependency Properties, but for now why don’t we just reach for the simplest way available.Change your source class to implement the interface.Take careful note of the change in your Now run your app and you should be seeing your GUI fields updating themselves to track the changes in your source class.

This is the simplest example of a one-way binding and handles probably the majority of cases of this nature. Please shoot back a note to me if you spot any mistakes, problems or additional insight.

This makes it send a notification to your XAML-defined Text Box of any important changes whenever you set a new value for that property.