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Pepper never told Happy about her pregnancy, and the absent communications resulted in a new strain on their relationship.Happy began drinking heavily again, and became angered when Tony accidentally revealed the pregnancy to him.Happy turned inward and began to drink excessively.Mistakenly believing Happy was cheating on her, Pepper had an affair with a high school friend, severely damaging the marriage. Happy experienced an awkward reunion with his ex-wife working under Tony's new business Stark Solution, where Pepper was also employed.Meanwhile, Happy and Pepper’s relationship began to suffer from the trials of day to day living.When Tony relocated from New York to Detroit for a time, Pepper separated from Happy to follow Tony and reclaim her old job.Hogan rescued the playboy millionaire Tony Stark (secretly the super hero Iron Man) when Tony’s car was involved in a brutal collision during a stock-car race.As a token of his gratitude, Stark hired the boxer as his personal chauffeur and bodyguard.

She recently made headlines when she broke up with her fiancé who was 29 years her junior.Though Happy assumed he had landed a “nice quiet safe job” he became entangled in Tony’s dangerous world, coming face-to-face with villains such as Jack Frost (Gregor Shapanka), Scarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton), Unicorn (Milos Masaryk) and taken hostage by the Black Knight (Nathaniel Garrett).While working, Hogan soon fell in love with Stark's secretary Virginia "Pepper" Potts and romantically pursued her.Over time, Happy and Pepper were able to put their past behind them. The Hogans remained with Tony at Stark Industries following the failure of Stark Solutions.

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