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Sutton is a top prep school where the children of the rich and prominent go on their way to top futures thanks to their parents various connections.But whilst there are the elite there are also those who have not had such gifted up-bringings, one of which is Emily (Vanessa Marano) a hard working student who has a bit of a crush on Lucas (Max Lloyd-Jones) who is one of those who hangs out with the elite crowd.But at the same time it is not a new one as I have watched a half a dozen other made for TV movies which cover a school where those who think they are untouchable over step the mark and find themselves in trouble but trying to use their power and privilege to crush their problems.And just as typical is the whole aspect of one of the cool kids being a good kid who has to decide between doing what is right and standing by the cool kids.Showing her taste was pretty much exclusively skating soap stars, Brianne also got into a relationship with Matt, the East Enders actor who she was partnered with for series eight.It was a controversial coupling as Matt was already in a relationship with his Albert Square co-star Shona Mc Garty, so he and Brianne batted aside any rumours that they were an item.But when the sex tape become public knowledge it leads to Emily and Lucas having to chose what sides they are on.First things first and "Restless Virgins" takes its lead from a true story which I know nothing about and so can't say how true to the facts this made for TV drama sticks.

However, the couple did briefly reunite around eight months later, after her next Dancing on Ice fling…Canadian skater Brianne Delcourt (above front right) has had her fair share of relationships from the show, but her more high-profile dating debacles have overshadowed the first time she coupled up with a celebrity.Her first year on Dancing on Ice saw her get together with colleague Frankie Poultney’s skating partner Danny Young (above back left).It is simply down to the false nature of the dialogue that Vanessa Marano, Max Lloyd-Jones and Charlie Carver never really convince as being normal teenagers.

In fairness Charlie Carver does quite a nice job of coming across as arrogant and a privileged bully but also looks like he has had to shave between every take to hide the fact he wasn't a teen when this was made.

Usually, couples who get together during a TV contest try their best to keep the story out of the limelight, but what happened between Brianne and Sam remains a bit of a mystery.

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