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Needles was scheduled to play with his band, The Tabascos, that night.However, he had blown the interocitor tube in his guitar amplifier.Marty went to a music store and tried to buy one, but was told by the shop attendant that all of the stock was sold to ELB Enterprises. Brown's garage to ask for one, but the attendant warned him that Dr. After getting an electrical shock after using the keypad on the electrified gate around the garage, a recording stated that he was not "one to foresee" that happening.Realizing that the wording was unusual, Marty picked up that it was a code, and punched in 1-2-4-C on the keypad.Marty told Doc that he had been busy with band practice and he had a science project due the next day.

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His eyes were nearly closed and his limbs had to struggle to remain still rather than follow along with the beat, but he gladly accepted this limitation as his lips quietly formed the words of the song." is an American resident of Hill Valley, California.Once inside, he set off elaborately set up series of objects that caused chain reaction resulting in him being captured in a net.He pushed his skateboard at the reset switch, which then released the net. Brown's dog, then playfully jumped up on Marty, and Dr. He told Marty to call him Doc, as in "What's up, Doc!Doc told him that he was not going to do his work for him, but said that he was free to borrow anything that he found in the lab.

Marty found a life sized statue of Neptune, which Doc said he picked up for a giant fish tank that he never got around to building.

", and asked him if he was here to apply for the assistant position that he said he had advertised.

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