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Whitney Duncan: I mean, I smiled just because it happened the way we knew it was going to happen. They're not going to let somebody get into their group." And it just proved that we were right. If there was stuff to show, it would have been shown. We had that alliance from Day 1, so I can say that -- obviously I can't talk about what's going on now or anything like that.We all told him before the vote where he flipped -- we all sat around and said -- I think Jim is actually the one that said it -- "Well, it just doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense for someone to flip because they're going out seventh. Reality TV World: The show didn't really show much of your relationship with Keith until last week's pre-Thanksgiving "look back" episode. I'm sure there will be talk of that on the reunion show. Reality TV World: So did you show anyone [your true] "cards?

They didn't even tell friends and family of their union.Reality TV World: You were one of the people that kind of unloaded on Cochran -- I think you basically said he was dead to you or something like that after that first post-merge Tribal Council where he flipped on your tribe... Whitney Duncan: I mean honestly, I was very obviously -- my emotions were running high at that Tribal and I kind of let him have it, but I let it go after that.I didn't say anything else about it in the game and I actually think Cochran said it best last night -- he said if the debt's not repaid, it would go down as one of the most idiotic moves in I think he hit the nail on the head and I just don't feel any better about the move. News confirms that Duncan—whose secret marriage to Nashville musician Donny Fallgatter shockingly came to light last week in the wake of her carrying on an onscreen love affair with fellow castaway Keith Tollefson—can almost officially call time on her 15-month union. 8 in Hickman County's Chancery Court, but won't be officially entered on record until the final paperwork is signed off and returned by the judge.

At which point, Duncan will finally be a single woman.

Looks like Whitney Duncan saved all the drama for when the cameras shut off.

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    Dec 1, 2011. Whitney's exit came after her alliance members "Ozzy" Oscar Lusth, Keith Tollefson, Jim Rice, and Dawn Meehan all got voted out before her, and while she came close to winning Individual Immunity in a Survivor trivia game, she got sent to Redemption Island and hoped she could battle her way back into.…