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Wendy indicated that she was seeing someone new, saying “I don’t have a husband or kids, but I have someone very important in my life right now and it just requires very good communication and trading calendars”. One of the famous American anchor as well as a sports reporter, Wendi Nix has been really successful in her professional life.

But she decided to give brunette looks to her hair in 2013, and she has been able to pull off some weight loss via extensive daily exercise in 2013 as well.Ben Cherington’s wife Wendi Nix is a sports reporter for ESPN.Well, we should say ex-wife as they are apparently now divorced.with club president/CEO Larry Lucchino and veteran former Major League GM Bill Lajoie also playing key roles during that period.

After Epstein's return, Cherington became vice president, player personnel, through January 2009, then senior vice president and assistant GM from 2009 through his promotion to general manager after the 2011 season.

He matriculated at Amherst College, where he was a member of the Gamma chapter of Psi Upsilon fraternity, and has a master's degree in Sport Management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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