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Hebe bounced the ball towards the hoop, the girls on the other team tried to run towards Hebe, not fast enough Hebe aimed for a 3 pointer. (hugs Hebe) Hebe: hahahaha Jiro: Nice game Hebe, you were really good Arron: Nice game Hebe: (looks at Arron) thanks......

Tong Tong snatched it away from Charlene but then a girl on Hebe's team stole it from it her and headed towards the hoop with the ball.Arron sat down in his seat, he waited for his other friends to show up but no one did. Arron rolled his eyes at the girls comment, continueing down the hallways Arron spotted his groups of friends. Arron: So you guys planned this all out without even telling me???Curious Arron tried to call them but no one picked up. Wong: (walks in) Kids I have good and bad news, as most of you guys have heard Hebe Tian and Mike He has already transfered school, this morning I also got news that Selina, Rainie, Ella, Jiro, Chun, and Calvin has also transfered school. During lunch Arron ditched school without noticing anyone not even Gui Gui. Calvin: We thought you wanted to stay since Gui Gui's there. Chun: dude we only came here because of Hebe Arron: Hebe?? Selina: YOUR-- Hebe: (covers her mouth) They didn't like the idea that I was alone in this school. Jiro: ummmm exactly we didn't want anyone to bully her, you know Hebe she's too nice to do anything and gets pushed around alot.Since our school has always been full we haven't been excepting new students, but now that there's spots available you'll all be having new classmates. The new kids started coming into the classroom while Arron sat there confused. He drove himself down to Hebe's school, walking in he ignored all the stares he was getting from everyone. She's also weak so she can't really protect herself and she's an accidentt prone, imagine if we weren't here... Coach: Ok girls, this is our first game of the season, we're counting on you girls.

Girl: Isn't that Arron Yan from Yun Lin (A/N it's a real school.....) private high?? she's be dead faster than a cooked pig Hebe: (glares at Jiro) Thanks......that's exactly that's why they came Arron: ok....... Work as a team, if one person doesn't than the whole team fails got that? Hebe turned her head around to look at her friends, just when she was about to turn her head back the other team arrived.

Charlene scored the first point, you ran up to her to give her a high five. Guigui's team had the ball since Hebe's team last scored, Hebe stood infront of Da Ya trying to block her. Luckily, Hebe's team scored 2 goals after that making the score 6:2 with Hebe's team in the lead.