Updating processor speed

I have posted this in other forums, too, in the hopes of getting some ideas.I recently installed Windows 10 on a desktop computer and everything went as smoothly as it could have, with no problems at all.It's the second largest user of ram on my PC, With Firefox being #1. So I Right Clicked on Cortana and "Open File Location". "Cortana Core.dll" to "Cortana Core.ddd", rebooted the PC and Cortana was NOT RUNNING any longer. It always used to run 3:2 in the classroom but on a fresh install of 7 Professional it offered and worked...While the Runtime Broker is only taking up 2.0 mb of ram. Techno Mage In task manager right-click Cortana and choose 'Open file location' to find out where Cortana's folder is. Well, thank you everybody for reading and please give some advice if you have any.Surely I'm not the only one who has run into this situation.

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even after I've turned Cortana OFF, it's still loading into ram memory and taking up 33.1mb of valuable ram. With some experimentation, it might be found that just renaming one or two of the files would do the trick. Pause: Well, I just fired up Laptop #3, and sure nuff, Cortana was running, as seen in Task Manager. This started back when I was running Windows 8.1, so it isnt new to the Windows 10 installation. Hello, I recently installed the latest Windows 10 TP (I believe it said April) on an old school computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.97 GHz.These two data are written on the motherboard manual.If you don’t have your motherboard manual, please read our tutorial How to Find Out Your Motherboard Manufacturer and Model.If it is a problem, you can disable Runtime Broker in the registry.

If anyone needs the detailed instructions for doing this, I will post them here on request.

The normal activity on it is browsing the web, watching videos, playing music, writing text files and really nothing more than that.