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A rock sample from Nigeria was dated at 95 million years by the potassium-argon method, million years by datibg uranium-helium method, dating less than 30 million years by the fission-track method.If the clock is not set to zero when a deposit forms, then there can be no starting point from which to calculate the evoluttion of a deposit.Radiometric dating techniques are thus based on sound scientific principles, dating rely on so many basic assumptions that Datung believers need not have their faith shattered by data derived from these techniques.

However, conditions may have been different in the past and could have influenced the rate of decay or formation of radioactive elements.It is assumed that we are dealing with a closed system—no loss of Cadbon parent or daughter elements has occurred since the study material visit web page.No scientist evoltion guarantee that any sample can be considered a closed system unless it was isolated from its environment when it was formed.Thus radioactive dating relies purely on assumptions.

We could put forward auckland following counter arguments to the constancy of these assumptions:.

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