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゚*☾ ulzzang beauty .༄

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゚*☾ ulzzang beauty .༄

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hi boos, the bright skin affirmations are meant to make your skin look alive and bright instead of dull and ashy! it won't change your skin tone.

+*☾ benefits
- healthy scalp
- ideal hair type + texture
- soft, silky, smooth, hydrated hair
- fast hair growth
- hair is free from frizz, damage and any imperfections
- angel skull
- slim, small face
- perfect face symmetry
- look like an ulzzang
- straight, defined, dark, neat eyebrows
- big eyes + irises
- ideal eye colour
- ideal eyelids
- epicanthic folds
- aegyo sal
- long, dark, curled eyelashes
- s-line nose
- high + slim nose bridge
- small nostrils
- small alar base
- pointed nose tip
- ideal skin tone + undertone
- clear, bright, glowy, dewy, glass skin
- skin is free from acne, blackheads, whiteheads, scars and any other skin imperfections
- ideal cupids bow
- small mouth
- small, soft, plump lips
- straight, white teeth
- beautiful smile
- v-line jaw
- slim chin
- instant, permanent results

゚+☾ notes:
- results are permanent
- listen at a low/comfortable volume
- no negative/harmful affirmations.
- headphones/earbuds are recommended but not required
- you can download in wav/flac
- 100% safe! i only use positive affirmations

゚+☾ tips for faster results
- drink water before and after listening
- listen between 30 minutes to 1 hour
- listen at least 3 times if you're too busy to listen for a longer period.
- listening overnight brings faster results
- visualise your results
- don't get obsessed over results

゚+☾ song credit:
sza x h.e.r. chill rnb type beat - august love

゚+☾ requests & suggestions: closed

゚+☾ where you can find me

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