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Make sure to take her home and the rooms should be spic and span.Visit her parents as well, because she will happily accept it and arrange for a meeting.The class of females prefer comfort more than fashion and this is the reason they love to visit places more serene and perfect.The location has to be good as women Virgos love to explore and appreciate at the same time.Manners and attitudes are perhaps more important to Virgo women than ladies belonging to any other zodiac signs.So make sure that you watch your behavior and words.

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The only thing is, she is a bit cautious and being a perfectionist, she WOULD NOT date with just anyone.Of course, a successful first date will give way too many other successful dates. They have characteristics unlike others and this is the reason they are special and extraordinary.However, there are certain things that the Virgo females like and dislike.A little impudence in your talk and gesture are enough to irritate her. She would also expect you to have excellent table manners.

And make her feel that you are indeed dependable and responsible. Also, make sure that you book a well-chosen spot and be punctual!

Based on the preferences you can choose to date with them accordingly.

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