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His work has been recognized with over 130 international and local awards, including three ‘Agency of the Year’ awards, for their respective markets.He lives in Sydney with his wife Lea, and daughters Poppy and Stevie.and Hahn Super Dry saw the agency win 2 D&AD pencils and Australia’s only Gold in film at Cannes in both 20.The agency's breakthrough work on Burn Energy Drink for Coca-Cola was hailed as a massive step change for the brand, and rolled out in over 43 markets.Pros: • I love baking cakes • I will never be unfaithful • Im rad as heck • I have an awesome taste in music • I’ll stay around and ‘do nothing’ all day • Im hella funny • I will make you breakfast Cons: • I will 100% steal your tees and hoodies • I will get jealous easily • I will be fucking an...Not being physically attracted to someone is a VALID reason not to date someone.

This is essentially just 22 minutes of fan service, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.The duo has kept busy with regular Tim and Eric tours through the years.This year, the team pulled off a 10-year anniversary tour to commemorate the occasion.Tim’s Tae Kwan Doo ceremony conflicts with Eric’s Tai Chish ceremony and so what are the two to do?

The episode’s plot banks on the simple, dependable premise of Tim and Eric being in a friendly competition with each other that puts their bond to the test.

But now it is finally time to rejoice, as this loving, disturbing tribute to Tim and Eric’s enduring friendship and comedy is ready to be unleashed on all the Chippys and pep-peps out there!