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According to most statistics and the claims made by many women, there are simply not enough desirable men to go around. I've known men with prison records (felonies), men on SSD (Social Security Disability for Psychiatric Illness), welfare, and still women are clamoring after them.I once treated a handsome, thirty-something man with a glamorous career who never seemed to lack for options. Controlling -- How not to sabotage your relationships with men -- Dating for marriage versus holding out for butterflies -- When is the right time to have sex? Matrimony/Rhonda Findling; Eternal Bachelorette.; Avon, MA : Polka Dot Press/ Adams Media, ©2005.He would go out to nightclubs every weekend and meet attractive, sexy, available women who were very interested in dating him.He once told me, "I can't get over the volume of good-looking, high-quality women out there.He was not at all commitment phobic, but I think he still was unable to get close.

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-- Dating ettiquette -- The art of playing it cool -- The three month mark : to stay or not to stay, that is the question -- How to create romantic opportunities -- He drops you! -- Men on dating and relationships -- The men you're attracted to -- Improving your "assessment of men" skills -- Tips on dealing with difficult men -- Why is a good man so hard to find? It was mostly because my biological clock was ticking and I really wanted kids.So I married him, he was a great dad and I had great kids. I think ultimately he was kind of like the rest of them even though he did not appear to be.Many women today are highly educated and career-minded.

Although they long for the companionship of a man, they are not willing to settle for just any man.

Susan Kolod who specializes in women and relationship issues feels that chemistry is an important ingredient when looking for a man. Now let's look at the realities of choice in staying single while waiting it out for your butterfly man.

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