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Most of the charges actually brought against him, however, are misdemeanor charges for “engaging in the services of prostitution” (10 counts) and “willful neglect of duty” (4 counts).The one felony charge is because Dunnings…allegedly coerced a domestic violence victim…into having sex with him, then paid her for it…about $600 every two weeks as well as…some of her bills…UNAIDS welcomes the roll-out of South Africa’s National Sex Worker HIV Plan, 2016–2019.They did indeed survive their wars, but they lost their battles with cancer.I see those round, red flowers and I think of my love for my departed uncles.All services are free and confidential…A [New Jersey cop] has pleaded guilty to using his badge [and a loaded gun] to [rape] a prostitute…Dinis Oliveira…pleaded guilty…to…third-degree criminal coercion……[he] is expected to be sentenced to probation and…must give up his job and forfeit his pension…Oliveira had been charged with sexual assault, official misconduct and criminal coercion [but of course not aggravated rape as anyone else would’ve been]…A Philadelphia-area [cop] is accused of [raping] three women [locked up] inside the police department…Roosevelt Turner is charged with official oppression, indecent exposure and indecent assault.The charges are based on separate encounters in 2015…, is a fucking pig.

In Vlanderaan (Flanders Field), Belgium, the disturbance from battle induced poppies to germinate.I folded the square into an envelope to form the purse and added the poppy for a pop of color, naming it “Letter from Vlanderaan.” This poppy is my small homage to my uncles and to their service.Memorial Day purists will point out that my uncles did not fall in battle.Launched by the Deputy President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, in his role as the Chairperson of the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC), this unique plan will ensure equitable access to health and legal services for sex workers in South Africa…

A Tale That Grew in the Telling (All Traffick, All the Time) Here’s another “rescue” scam designed to recruit unhappy whores into the anti-whore brigade; it resembles a “crisis pregnancy center”, which is not surprising since a number of “anti-trafficking” NGOs also operate (or formerly operated) such schemes.

This is a pretty common attack on Section 230, claiming that it does more than a publisher and thus isn’t protected.

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