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Summer Skincare & Beauty Favorites + My New Skincare Product Launch // Sanne Vloet

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Summer Skincare & Beauty Favorites + My New Skincare Product Launch // Sanne Vloet

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Model Summer Skincare & Beauty Favorites + izé My New Skincare Product Launch // Sanne Vloet

Hi guys,

Happy Monday! I'm not sure how many of you have seen my update, but I had planned my first ever YouTube live cooking show with a team of people. Unfortunately, we found out that we had come into contact with someone who tested positive for covid-19 and we didn't want to risk spreading it unknowingly so we are going to get tested this week and then again to make sure we don't pass this to anyone.

If you guys are excited about seeing a cooking show live, let me know in the comments below! We are going to try to do it again after we have some time to get tested before we even think about doing this with a team. Can't wait to share all the amazing things we have been practicing and working on during quarantine. I hope you guys are all safe, healthy, and have the best start to summer possible.

I'll see you guys later this week!



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