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The father of three had only worked there for three months.Commissioners have scheduled a work session for next week, giving them a chance to take a pencil and eraser to the countys proposed budget.Each campus is required to designate a Title IX Coordinator to handle Title IX concerns, including informal and formal complaints.Any complaint or report of an actual or potential Title IX issue should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator.In a quartet of amazing decades on the LC campus, Frazier transformed the Hurricanes into a national powerhouse that would earn nine berths in the National Junior College Athletic Association World Series.Information about sexual predators is only a few computer clicks away.

More than just legislation that ensures gender equity in sports, Title IX also prohibits sexual harassment, which includes acts of sexual violence, as a form of sex discrimination.The only Offices at Louisburg College permitted to guarantee confidentiality are: Joel Porter Counseling Center (919-497-3205) College Chaplain (919-497-3231) Campus Health Clinic (919-497-1399) The above offices may be consulted at any time, including prior to making an official report to the College or law enforcement officials.To the extent possible, the College will respect an individual’s request for confidentiality; however, the request for confidentiality will be weighed against the College’s obligation to act on information it has received in order to provide a safe campus environment.All acts of sexual misconduct are forms of sex discrimination and are prohibited by Title IX and College policy.

While all persons receiving a report of sexual misconduct understand the desire to keep information confidential, maintaining confidentiality is not always possible.

Curves has announced that the 2007 Curves Food Drive brought in 900 pounds in Franklinton that will benefit the local Franklinton Senior Center.