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Many men don’t like being watched while they undress.I leave the room while they change, and offer them the same gowns I would a female patient, rather than assuming they are comfortable sitting around in their underwear.Six paragraphs down under a section titled "Do", it says "Wear normal underwear. Locker rooms and the military are obvious examples, but let’s not forget the doctor’s office.In medical school men are instructed on how to examine female patients and respect their modesty.No one ever forgets being told to "bend over and grab your ankles." With the increasing number of women in the military, I decided to research the current military physical exam.

You had a choice: either swim in the nude for four years of high school or take ROTC to get a waiver.Gynecomastia (growth of male breast tissue) is common in all men.We generally think of it as a phenomenon of aging, but a surprising 65 percent of adolescents have it to some degree.Many men do not feel comfortable taking off their shirt to get into a hot tub or swimming pool, and, just like women, they may also feel uncomfortable sitting on the examination table without a shirt or gown.

What’s more, a digital rectal exam can be just as unnerving to a man as a pelvic examination can be for a woman.

Envision 30 young boys at various stages of puberty, with a wide variety of body shapes, lining up so the coach, in his well-fitted swimsuit, could take attendance.

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