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The film is a remake of the 1987 film Can't Buy Me Love.Alvin Johnson (Nick Cannon) is an extremely intelligent nerd under consideration for a General Motors scholarship, as he is skilled in designing engines.Paris began to fall in love with him after spending two weeks together, even though Alvin was unaware of it.Alvin continues to grow in popularity, alienating his former nerd friends and dating Paris's friends.He has also taken up a job as a pool cleaner, to raise money to buy an expensive car part.He's always dreamed of hanging out with the popular kids, especially Paris Morgan (Christina Milian), a beautiful, popular cheerleader dating NBA star Dru Hilton.

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He and Paris grow closer as she shares with him her secret love of music.After Paris wrecks her mother's expensive car, Alvin leverages this opportunity & offers to assist her financially to repair the car.But only on one condition, that she pretends to be his girlfriend for a month, though Paris persistently settles for a month.In an attempt to get him back, Paris exposes her deal with Alvin to the whole school, returning him to mediocrity and being a geek.

Alvin's father Clarence (Steve Harvey) agrees to pay for the part, explaining to Alvin that he'd supported his sudden transformation because he wanted him to have some of the same experiences he did in high school.

And after the deal is prosperously struck, Alvin starts garnering recognition amongst his schoolmates but it's easier said than done, as unexpected challenges come to the fore.

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