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A group of Hollywood producers wants to make a movie about Moss and her Primrose Hill pals Sienna Miller, Sadie Frost, Rhys Ifans and company.Apparently the filmmakers on board for this project are the same ones who brought us .

Welsh actor Ifans is a close friend of Kate and she has stood by him following his recent split from Sienna Miller.Making a comeback: Somehow the whole cocaine scandal thing did eventually, um, blow over. Dating rock stars: Moss was briefly engaged to Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty, who seems to spend at least as much time in the back of a police car for drug-related offenses as he does in a recording studio or on a stage.Within a year Moss, managed to nab 18 top modeling contracts, and now she’s making more money than ever before. Her current boyfriend, guitarist Jamie Hince of The Kills, is a bit more restrained: He reportedly insisted that Moss either tone down her partying or hit the road.The photos show A-listers like Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Harding and Rachel Stevens looking bleary eyed after a night out on the town – something most of them wouldn’t be caught doing now.

Big stars like Rhys Ifans, Jack Nicholson and Kate Moss would frequently be out on the town in London – and the paparazzi were waiting there to take their photo.

Overcoming adversity: For the most part, young ladies of short-to-average stature tend to cross “supermodel” off their list of potential careers.

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    Sienna Miller and Kate Moss attend charity. Sienna and Kate end. Reports that the pair were sworn enemies surfaced soon after Miller started dating Jude.…