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We know that we would like to figure it out together.And that after the finale, the world is sort of our oyster and we get to sort of figure it out. We just know that we want to be closer to each other." ouster, and she explained to reporters it was partly because she never anticipated it -- ever."So that was probably the hardest thing to hear." Meyer said she and Pauls were "friend on the ranch" and "are friends now" -- which is why it "was very difficult for me to accept his excuses for wanting to vote me off." "I was a huge threat in the game.My percentage has always been one of the top percentages -- and I'm not saying that to be cocky -- it's just blatant facts. Despite the fact that they've "buried the hatchet," Meyer said it's still emotional to think about Pauls citing her lack of trust and honesty."I don't really ever think I'll actually quite understand.I just wish that he would have been completely honest."After we both left the show and came home, we realized that we wanted to spend hours on the phone talking to each other. And so I mean I just don't think that this sort of would have happened the way that it happened, if things wouldn't have progressed on the show," she said."We're definitely there for each other emotionally, mentally, and physically on the ranch at this very raw state of our lives, and it's just both a key part of each other's journey." Specifically, Meyer said he relationship intensified after a few weeks of "constantly talking." "The next couple days of us being together, I could tell at certain times I thought he was going to kiss me.

That's what I wanted her to do the whole time, but not at the expense of my journey."Then September 11 at AM, I said, 'How do you tell your best friend that you're love with him?' And he's just like, 'I'm in love with your Rebecca.' And I'm like, 'I love you,'" she told reporters.Didn't want to have to be in a relationship, let alone a long distance one," she said. Am I going to stop something that like could potentially change my life forever, just because of, you know, 17-and-a-half hours?

Rebecca and daniel biggest loser dating comments

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    Biggest Loser contestant Rebecca Meyer has admitted that she is romancing fellow show star Daniel Wright, according to E! Online. The 25-year-old, who was eliminated.…