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In the end, I think my experience on Tinder was kind of amazing because it made me realize that I am who I am as a person, and not how I get around. Everyone wonders just how much information to include in an online dating profile, and people with disabilities are no different." And I wanted to say, "Of course I can, asshole." I seriously can't tell you how many Tinder guys asked me that as soon as I mentioned the wheelchair. " I seriously had to tell him, "I don't think it's going to be changing anytime soon." He just vanished and I was really bummed about it.

How do you avoid being contacted by people who are more interested in asking you questions than actually dating you?We'd been talking for about two weeks leading up to the date, mostly about our careers and where we were from, and I was intrigued by him because we're both from the same part of the country and it's a small town and that seemed interesting. Once he saw I was in a wheelchair, he immediately wouldn't look me in the eye for the rest of the night and we basically spent the whole date ignoring the elephant in the room.It was the most uncomfortable date I've ever been on and felt really forced, so toward the end of the night, I finally just brought it up and said, "Are you OK?I was in a car accident when I was 5, when my family and I were coming home from ice skating a couple of days after Christmas, and it resulted in a spinal cord injury, so I've been in a wheelchair for a long time now.

I've usually ended up dating guys who I met in real life and my being in a wheelchair was usually never a problem in my dating life until I started meeting guys on Tinder. A., then moved to Boston for work, and now I live in New York City.

The photos I used weren't cropped weirdly or anything — if you looked closely you could see it, but you wouldn't maybe notice it.

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