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Yet according to Lori Buckley, a certified sex therapist with a practice in Pasadena, Calif., people don't have to remember an experience for it to have an impact on them.

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"When I spoke, half the room went nuts and the other half lost interest."The half that went nuts grew into an actual community as the Internet flourished throughout the '90s, and Margaret, who declines to give her age but admits to having a grown son, began throwing parties with her husband.), which causes me to abandon my pathetic attempt to fit in."Yes," I finally say, glancing at the bottles of hand sanitizer in between all the Swedish fish and sandwiches on the refreshment table.(While he's also into spanking, Margaret is open about the fact that this is her second marriage and that her first broke up in large part because her ex didn't share her kink.)For all that both SSNY and SCONY throw parties at New York's Lesbian Gay Center, the spanking scene is, for the most part, straight.

Even the people I hear stories about who walk the line -- like a top executive who arrives at and leaves Paddles in a fine suit but in between wears French maid and schoolgirl outfits while he's spanked by a variety of men -- live straight lives.

Logic would dictate that the need is Freudian: that spankos were spanked as children and eroticized that abuse.

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