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Among the women are model-turned-actress Natasha Henstridge, 43, who said that Ratner forced her into performing oral sex on him back in the early nineties after the two spent an evening hanging out at a friend's apartment in Manhattan.'He strong-armed me in a real way.He physically forced himself on me,' said Henstridge, who was 19 at the time.'And before I literally could even figure out where to escape or where to look, he ejaculated.' Ratner, through his attorney Marty Singer, denied the allegations of both women.Warner Brothers is now reevaluating the soon-to-expire, $450 million four-year deal the studio signed with Rat Pac Entertainment in 2013, the global media company formed by Ratner, Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin and Australian billionaire James Packer.Rat Pac was at work on a Hugh Hefner biopic starring Jared Leto that Ratner was to direct, but that production has been suspended at this time.Packer exited Rat Pac in April while Mnuchin pulled out in June due to his position in the Trump administration.Katherine Towne, 39, also claimed she had a run-in with Ratner around this time while attending a party at his Los Angeles home.The actress and daughter of Oscar-winning 'Chinatown' scribe Robert Towne said that Ratner made repeated advances on her despite her lack of interest, and later followed her into the bathroom.

'Even if hypothetically this incident occurred exactly as claimed, how is flirting at a party, complimenting a woman on her appearance, and calling her to ask her for a date wrongful conduct? The other two women who came forward were both extras on the set of the 2001 film 'Rush Hour 2.'Eri Sasaki was 21 and had been modelling prior to filming, and claims that one day Ratner walked over to her and ran a finger down her bare midriff before asking her to join him in the bathroom.A man who's reputation is that of a letcherous creep AT BEST.Plus, he makes s***** movies.'Philipps quickly added: 'Before you say,"BUT BUSY, you've BEEN in s***** movies! But I'm not jacking off on girls and making millions in the process.'Henstridge also ran into Ratner again when she auditioned for the series 'Prison Break' - a decade after their alleged incident.She later told her parents about the conversation, which she said began roughly five minutes after take-off.