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my quarantine fitness journey + my new workout & diet routine

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my quarantine fitness journey + my new workout & diet routine

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hello everyone! i am so, so proud to share this video with you all today. this is my quarantine fitness journey over the last 2+ months, including my new workout and diet routine! i've been following the hourglass regimen by chloe ting as well as incorporating my own cardio regimen and refining my diet.

my eating and sleeping habits were all over the place all my life (thanks to on and off depression lol) but things became much more dire during quarantine. i was binge eating junk/fast food until 4 AM and sleeping at 8 AM. i always felt extremely light headed and weak, and i would often have trouble just getting out of bed in the mornings because i felt like i would faint. i've known for years that i needed to get healthier, but while battling depression i just couldn't get myself to do it. while in quarantine, i was faced with the reality that i needed to finally make a change.

it was definitely challenging at first. when depression hit hard, i would stop for a week+ and i found it so difficult to find motivation again. but i'm so thankful for my friends who have been on this workout regimen for me, i wouldn't have continued without them! it took over an entire month to really get into the habit working out and eating healthier. and in the end, i even started to really enjoy it. i really love and appreciate how my body and mind feel these days. i'm much more productive and the ups and downs of depression don't hit as hard. waking up at 8 am instead of sleeping at 8 am is probably helping a lot LMAO.

for those who are starting their own fitness journey, i really wish you luck! it's tough and easy to lose motivation, but the end goal is achievable and more than worth it. we all deserve to feel happy in our own minds and bodies. thank you for watching, and see you again next week

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