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After all, it's just a plaything of the body...(AU? A sequel to a mess of a work, that is also, nonetheless, a work. P̲̦̖̦͓e҉̘̯̱̬r̶̫̪͎͓̲i̷͖͙̬̗̟̮̹ḻ̺̞̱͖ After miraculously surviving from a fatal injury from an arrowhead, Monika attempts to unravel a conspiracy embedded into Yuri's family, as she sees a side of the world she never knew existed.) When the first few 'file deletions,' as the public is calling them, occur, the public, and the police department, think that it's Kira's newest killing method. Established Sayo Suki/Developing Moni Yuri/Monika Po V/References to past work (please read Depression Naps to avoid spoilers)Is it to find happiness? A counterpoint to Passerby- While passerby is very realistic, this exists as a way for me to get out my urge to do a more fantasy-based setting, as well as getting my love for lovecraft in there.It’s an ok fighting game, sort of like the X TV Animation fighting game for PS1. ^_^) Official Page: for the game, so please stop reading if you dislike spoilers. The best part of the game in my opinion is Mikoto in cat form. Like Futari wa Pretty Cure, it seems intent on bringing a Post Modern sensibility to the aging Magical Girl trope.This it does with a sly misdirection, by first presenting what appears to be an "ordinary" Magical Girl show stripped of some of the trope's more "fairy tale" characteristics.One seemingly normal day, Yuri and Natsuki are faced with a peculiar problem - a very literal loss of their humanity. It's not a game this time- which means no programming forcing them to fall in love with some protagonist.

From Monika's perspective, she deletes herself and resets your progress after you don't accept your confession or she finds you're better off without her. Yuri has become content watching those around her, treating life as yet another novel bustling with tragic heroes and details to pick up on.Katahane is an adventure game by Tarte ( – though it seems the site is currently down.If anyone knows why it’s been that way for a while, let me know. – Winter 2007 There is a lot of yurilicious moments between two of the main characters.(There are no fancy costumes or over-the-top speeches, no real transformation sequences, surprisingly few pieces of Stock Footage, and from the beginning, matters are significantly darker than the genre normally allows them to get.) But once you've settled in to what appears to be just an unusual Magical Girl show, the tables are abruptly turned and everything you expected is changed.

The true purpose of the Hi MEs, the role of the Orphans, the very reason for their powers and what they have to do with them -- is nothing like what you expected.

Mai also discovers that she is a Hi ME -- supernaturally gifted with the ability to summon her "Element" (a set of strange artifacts that grant her great powers) and also bonded to a strange mecha-like creature called a CHILD.