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The combination of ever-more-powerful cameras and ever-more-convenient sharing mechanisms has made the exchange of explicit pictures a fact of life for nearly everyone seeking romantic connections online.Yet when it comes to managing explicit photographs, technology generally has not been our friend.But then they might have to acknowledge the rampant trading of nudes — something that, so far, they have been loath to do. “Under the surface,” Chen says, “we’re all human beings.” And human beings in 2017 are sending lots of naked photos.Live video from FOX19 News is available on your computer, tablet and smartphone during all local newscasts.The app is now available on i OS, and I spent the past week testing it. Each had sensitive images on their phones or laptop, she said, and expressed doubts about how to keep them secure.When Chiu returned to Berkeley, friends would pass her their phones to look at recent photos they had taken, and she would inevitably swipe too far and see nudity.But they found that the results were often inaccurate, especially for people of color.

Of course, the big platforms could go after this market themselves, if they wanted to.

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