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They dig their heels in and that’s just terrible to me.I’ve voted for Republicans and Democrats, but this year, I see this political revolution that’s started and I love it.It’s a little too late for this revolution to get the right people in office, but I think the only person who’s going to continue this revolution is Clinton in office.A lot of the things that I’d like to see change — money out of politics — that’ll never happen with this Republican nominee in office.I think it started with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump — that’s the one good thing about what he’s done this campaign.People see that we can change things, and it needs to be more transparent.

If I were a little kid again and was able to see something like this on TV, I would’ve felt a lot better about myself. In the pilot there’s contention within even this microcosm of the gay male community over what it means to be gay.I’m very happy they have all flavors of rainbow in this house [If the show gets renewed, could it be open to gay women and other queer identities outside of gay men? I doubt they would let me host that one — they’d probably get some wonderful lesbian — but I hope this spins off.I would love to see a lesbian version of this or a bisexual one like they did with Tila Tequila. Going into it, I wanted to be a different host than what I actually ended up doing.Almost immediately, the suitors are self-stereotyping and clashing with each other. You see this in the house where the ones that would be offended by a more femme guy, it’s like, “Why ?

For one, you never know if one or more of the suitors might fall in love with each other in the house.

(The show never made it past a season.) Thirteen years later, Bass is set to host the first authentic gay dating show, Logo’s , which premieres September 8.