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If I am alone in a taxi at night with just the driver for company, I don’t have any fear of him doing anything untoward.Yes, as a woman living in Kuwait, I feel perfectly safe.I am so perplexed by the impression that is perpetuated by people who have never lived in a non-Western society. I laughed at that thought then and I am still laughing at it now. The truth is that I love being an expat woman in Kuwait.

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In Kuwaiti culture it is emphasized that the decision about how much of your body to cover is a personal one between you and God.As someone who is not dating, and just observing from the sidelines, it’s interesting to note that if a man and woman are together in public, nobody is going to approach them and ask for their marriage certificate.Nobody is going to question you when you visit your male colleagues at their homes.The following post throws light on various aspects that you would require to know as an expatriate in Kuwait: Language Arabic is the official language of the country.

However, English is widely spoken and also used for business purposes in all industries.

What some fail to understand is that the people here aren’t staring because they are judging you/are perverts; they are staring at you because you aren’t from here and thus, look exotic.