Javascript updating form data

It would be something like this: attribute of the form to know where to send the request.Of course, it’s missing some event handlers that we’ll use to update the interface.I have updated the old example to use this new technique. There are comments at every step of the client code, but don’t hesitate to ask if anything is not clear.into your browser's address bar and hit 'Go,' the browser (your 'client') makes a request to the server.As usual, this doesn’t really work across all browsers in the market (you know the usual suspects).

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Rails uses a technique called "Unobtrusive Java Script" to handle attaching Java Script to the DOM.They sort of work, but the load and progress events won’t fire.I have found this problem across versions of the OS and browser apps.I have updated the function we used in 2010, adding a check for the If the function returns true, you are good to go.

If not, it may still be that the old technique can still be used (although chances are slim).

The beauty of this example is: if the object detection script returns false, this form will still work, and therefore functionality will remain intact.