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Please do not take my word for anything, but find out for yourself what is true for you.This essay was written during the USA's war against Iraq, which really began in 1990, and the essay was originally finished in the summer of 2002.

Large mammals become extinct in South America, which was not covered in a continental ice sheet.The Vikings’ violent ways quickly create resistance from the local Algonquin people, and their colonization is not permanent.In Iceland, the Vikings are unable to easily plunder neighboring lands and quickly become a peaceful people, engaging in trade.The first mass conversions to Christianity were apparently a consequence of the epidemic. Germanic peoples invade the Roman Empire’s lands in Europe during the late 400s, including the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Great Britain.

The Eastern Roman Empire lasts nearly continually for the next 1,000 years, with Constantinople (earlier named Byzantium and later Istanbul) as its capital city. 32-year drought begins to afflict the Moche culture in South America.

El Nio cycles regularly affect South American civilization, and elaborate food production and storage systems are designed to cope with them, as well as other environmental challenges.

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