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Then, she wrote, “I started to move my hand down his chest and into his pants.” R. interrupted this to take a phone call from a female friend who was also at the house and trying to find her. Nor could he attend the meetings of the other organizations he’d joined. soon complained to the school that Bonsu had violated his no-contact order by trying to friend her on Facebook.

He was found not responsible for sexual misconduct. M.’s name in the email asking for assistance and for sending her the Facebook friend request.M.’s name, he received a new interim restriction: a total ban from campus.Bonsu’s lawsuit describes the period that followed as one of extreme stress, during which he lost weight, contracted pneumonia, and was forced to drop two courses because the restrictions placed on him precluded him from attending class during his midterm exams. By then he was living back home in Maryland, sick a second time with pneumonia and in a state of emotional collapse.Effective immediately, Bonsu was banned from all university housing and was allowed on campus only to attend classes.

His mother and an uncle drove up from Maryland to help him appeal his restrictions, but were largely unsuccessful.

T Bonsu’s case was handled may seem perverse, but many of the university’s actions—the interim restrictions, the full-bore investigation and adjudication even though R.

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