Fleshlight dating tips

For ladies with a well-endowed partner, the Quickshot helps you cover a lot more surface area.Instead of massaging his shaft with your hands, slide the Quickshot up and down the lower part of his penis while your mouth and tongue go to work on the head!

I always give the option of having the audience submit anonymous questions because, let’s face it, not everyone feels comfortable raising their hand in a room full of strangers, especially to ask questions about sex.It solves many of the hangups some guys might have about the Fleshlight because it’s even more discreet, less intimidating and smaller in size.It’s also open ended so the guy can choose how he would like to ejaculate.When it came time to address the pressing blow job questions, I picked up the pile and sifted through the submissions only to find something remarkable.

Every single card in the pile had a variation of the same question: “How do I work through my gag reflex when performing oral sex on my partner?

This technique let’s you focus all of your mouth mojo on the head of his penis, which is where he is the most sensitive. , Fleshlight’s latest variation of their best selling toy, I was thrilled.