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Fitness Prohibition: Reopening America | Official Trailer

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Fitness Prohibition: Reopening America | Official Trailer

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I’m proud to share the first look at Fitness Prohibition: Reopening America, an upcoming docuseries.

When COVID-19 shut down America in March of 2020, I was lost, floundering with no direction. I was blessed to find one distraction - working out at The Gym Vista, a small gym that stayed open for a group of trusted members in defiance of the lockdowns. While big box stores barely shifted their operations to avoid closing, TG Vista was forced to deal with daily police visits, nosy neighbors calling in to report them, spies from the city, and death threats.

So I started documenting what was going on, every day, for months. Around that time, another gym came to my attention when Louis Uridel was arrested at Metroflex Oceanside for defying the lockdown order. It became clear to me how important it was to tell the stories of those being hit the hardest - small business owners that were forced to do everything possible to stay alive. It was in April when I heard about Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey and the feud that developed between them and Governor Phil Murphy. I flew out as soon as possible to speak with the owners, Frank and Ian. I learned that despite developing an exceedingly comprehensive COVID safety plan, they weren't given approval to open. So they did anyway.

The story features so many incredible characters, stories, twists and turns - more than I could ever explain to you in a YouTube description. Please head to fitnessprohibition.com where you can read more about the project. Thanks for watching!


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