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However, due to his sensitivity to madness, he often can be called to be questioned on his sanity.Despite this, however, many of his friends like Spirit, Marie, Sid, and even Death have shown faith in Stein.Marie is assigned to be Stein's new weapon partner as her soul wavelength is supposed to have a calming effect on his madness.Stein was also apparently Marie's first love when they were still attending the the DWMA.Stein has so much respect for Death due to his own desire for "a system set up by a god without arrogance," suggesting he sees Death as without arrogance.In the anime Medusa mentions that Death will be one of the primary figures Stein's mind will use during his descent into madness, in an attempt to control himself from her spell.Nevertheless, Spirit joins with Kid in glee upon learning that Marie is expecting a child.When Soul Eater fell under the sway of madness emanating from Crona's Black Blood spheres, Stein ordered Kim Diehl to fall back while he wielded Jacqueline.

Apparently, Stein has called Spirit this since they were children showing that even back when they were children, Stein still had a good deal of respect for Spirit.Stein also expresses thankfulness that Spirit happened to be underneath the Academy before Free's Independent Cube trapped their colleagues during the Kishin's revival, saying he would need his partner in combat.In his concern for Stein, Spirit tries to do what is best to help his former meister retain his sanity.Despite how dangerous Stein has been and can be to him, Spirit remains dedicated to his former meister, willing to work with him to fulfill Death's orders, especially when those orders concern the safety of Stein's student and Spirit's daughter, Maka Albarn.

Although initially terrified to find Stein back at the DWMA, Spirit puts aside his fear to join Stein in Italy to save Maka and her weapon Soul Eater from Crona and Medusa.

As a result of Marie's restraint, Stein only sees her as somewhat of a best friend.