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“Of course, of course, they are all related,” said Lofti, pointing out though that there are still no official statistics to support this correlation.“We receive many complaints from women who want a divorce because their husbands are meeting other women in chat rooms and cheating on their wives.”According to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, in 2007 an Egyptian couple files for divorce every six minutes, with a third of marriages in Egypt breaking up in the first year.Yet he likes to brag to his friends about the possible outcome.Some critics blame the new media as one of the causes for the alarming increase in sexual harassment in Egypt.In 2008, the ECWR found in the first exhaustive study ever to be conducted on sexual harassment in Egypt, that more than 60 percent of the Egyptian women and nearly 100 percent of foreign women who took part in the study, claimed to have experienced some form of sexual harassment in Egypt.works as a marriage counselor and sex therapist is her downtown clinic.While she encourages young married couples to be more sexually active, she also warms them about promiscuity.Most of the time my clients are facing marital problems, and they come to me when they are on the brink of divorce,” said Abier Barbari, an Egyptian psychologist who has been practicing as a private counselor in Cairo since 2001.

They got chatting, Soraya recounted her deeply disheartening love life and Slimani was so struck by her words that she decided to interview other Moroccan women about the same subject.

Mary Habib, a communications student at the American University in Cairo (AUC) in her junior year, spends a daily average of five hours online, sending e-mails, updating her two blogs and her Facebook account, as well as chatting in virtual rooms.

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