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The ambiance at The Den is almost perfect for a workday session, as the primary area is a maze of cubicles with mattresses for those who need them.The Den isn’t for the shy; instead of a towel, patrons are given a washcloth.I popped my head into the steam room to complete the cycle through Flex, and by the time I made it back to the dry sauna a couple of guys had grown bold enough to commence some action.It was about 45 minutes of cruising before I had my first connection, which turned into a foursome when my friend needed the room again for his newest conquest.My friend saved a couple of dollars by renting a locker, while I figured it was worth the extra $10 for a private room for us to be able to “host” any cute guys we came across.My friend and I disrobed and wrapped our towels around our waists, then took a loop around the hallways of the main floor, passing other towel-clad men and glancing into a few rooms where guys were stroking invitingly or waiting with their asses in the air.In reality, most sex clubs are sexy and shady, exhilarating and sobering, spiritual and dehumanizing, hedonistic and a huge letdown.

In their best light, sex clubs and bathhouses are treated as our naughty little secret, but they are most often considered a political liability or public health risk.We are very proud of our city and its heritage and hope that you will enjoy its breathtaking views.Once you have seen the live views of Savannah, we hope you will come back to visit again and again.As at Flex, The Den supplies free condoms, but the latter also provides complimentary lube.

Another difference is the clientele, as The Den is a favorite of black and Latino men.

Eventually, the fellow voyeur and I made our way to the communal dark room, adding our moans to the guttural chorus.