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You can’t change the trend, but you can change how you date; for example, consider dating someone younger (something I did, since I’m more than a year my husband’s senior). You probably know by now that having an Asian girlfriend is a rite of passage for all white men.It's just that the comedy potential couldn't be missed :)Remember, all the guys below are looking specifically for a Chinese woman. The grubby vest and bathroom mirror photo combo is always a hit. John, 49Seeks either a wife or someone to form a Northern comedy double act with. The key to a good personal ad is to highlight your most attractive feature - in this case, chest hair. Ulysse, 58Seeks a lady with whom to share my love of pies.

Something I mentioned in an earlier post is the strange contradiction in Western culture whereby Chinese (or Asian) females are stereotyped as alluring and attractive to Western men ('pleasure givers' is one phrase I've heard used) but at the same time, between white men and Chinese/Asian women are often mocked or looked down upon. Could it be anything to do with the types of white males who specifically try to hook up with Chinese women?They’ll also be a better judge of his personality, and whether he’s someone you can really trust.As for what you said about the dearth of unmarried men in their late 20s, it’s true — many Chinese get hitched before 30, leaving you with fewer choices (though it’s far more acceptable for the men to be over 30 and single — double standard, as usual).I got the chance (accidentally) to investigate this when I went to This Is London, entered the word 'Chinese' in the search box and came up with the following sponsored link: I swear I'm not looking for a date or marriage at the moment, but as an inquisitive blogger, it was my duty to click on the link and investigate further. And most importantly of all, is it funny to be able to browse a website like this without having to register or pay a fee? And to show that I'm not just taking the mickey out of white guys....

What I found was at times quite funny, but also an interesting glimpse into the world of 'Non-Chinese Men Who Are Specifically Looking for a Chinese Woman'. (Answer: Yes)So, purely in the interests of research (okay, and a little bit for laughs too), here are a few selected highlights from the Men Seeking Chinese Women section. As a disclaimer, I'd just like to say that all the guys on the site are probably perfectly nice people. Ismail, 46Ladies, one day this sofa could be yours (to share)Dante, 21"Ni ho ma, DUDE!!!!! Genuine ad text: "Very unstable."I'm a big fan of all Chinese culture, especially Jean Claude Van Damme movies. Eric, 27People often say I bear an uncanny resemblance to Andy Lau. Rodel, 29Genuine ad text: 'Large body.'Well, that always comes in useful I suppose!

It’s no wonder my Chinese friend Caroline once said to me, “You should be careful who you date.”In a survey of married urban Chinese conducted from 1988 to 1990, 29 percent of married men and 23 per cent of married women said they had engaged in extramarital sex.

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