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Family therapists call this sort of problem a boundary issue.In an idealized household, the adult couple functions as an integrated unit, at least as far as their children are concerned.It feels good to get what you want, but it is not always in your best interest that this should occur.The outcome, in your case, is that daughter becomes more of a selfish brat (albeit a brat who was probably wounded by her biological parent’s divorce and who is acting out at the present time), husband becomes daughter’s poodle, wife feels unloved and unappreciated, and everyone loses self-respect.I am always hyperaware of her interactions with her father, which for the moment are good.

My recommendation to you is to see about getting your family into a family therapy situation.They make policy together and speak with one voice, individually resisting any given child’s attempts to manipulate or to play one parent off the other to gain advantage.They also keep confidences for one another and do not share private adult business with children.You both need to set limits with the daughter and keep them, and make some protected time for yourselves.

It won’t take much: he can still spend a lot of time with daughter, so long as he grows a spine and tells her no when that is the right thing to do, and so long as he stops neglecting you and the health of your mutual relationship.

It is especially easy for mixed families (families composed of members of prior families) to have boundary problems.