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But one singular thing about the crucifixion of Christ is the crown of thorns and on the shroud there are a whole series of puncture wounds where the scalp has bled." And whereas every artist imagined Jesus crucified through the palms, the shroud indicates it was through the wrist, which is the only plausible way the body would have remained on the cross, he says.But how to explain the photographic negative like print of Jesus's face? The shroud is some kind of negative of the body it's wrapped up."The measurements were done by three really good radiocarbon labs so I've no doubt what they measured is the correct age." The only question relates to whether the sample contained repairs rather than original material, he says.Most of the scientists at the 1988 test have either died or retired.Once that has been completed the carbon dating will be repeated, he says. Prof Gordon Cook, at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, rejects the idea that the sample may have been irrevocably damaged by human hands."Pre-treatment methods should get rid of the contamination," says Dr Cook, a professor of environmental geochemistry and a carbon dating expert.So much effort was put into the sample taking procedure." In short, he is convinced that the object dates from the 14th Century.And yet that doesn't take away from the shroud's power to move people, he adds.

"It's true that thousands of people were crucified at the time of Jesus.Having gone on public display for the first time in a decade, the debate over its authenticity is set to resume.Numerous historical references to Christ's shroud exist but the only reliable records for the one today housed in Turin Cathedral begin in the 16th Century.Julian Hitchcock, Cambridge, UKYour article omits several important facts.

The type of fabric and the weave is consistent with 1st Century techniques.

The exact history of Turin shroud, which has gone on display for the first time in 10 years, is hotly disputed. It's perhaps the most controversial religious artefact in the world.

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